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Boutique Optician · 51sqm

Poznań, 2019 DESIGN TEAM: Anna Łabędzka-Klepacka, Daria Burlińska (SZARA/studio) Optyk Młyńska 3 is a boutique optician located in the very centre of Poznań, offering

Marathon Office · 1500sqm

Poznań, 2017 DESIGN TEAM: Anna Łabędzka-Klepacka, Iza Domicz, Daria Burlińska (SZARA/studio) Designing the interiors of the Marathon International office building, we had a number

Marshal Office

Poznań, 2016 DESIGN TEAM: Anna Łabędzka-Klepacka, Daria Burlińska (SZARA/studio) For the Marshal’s Office of the Wielkopolska Region, we have designed a point for collecting

Piosik Stomatology · 295sqm

Poznań, 2021 DESIGN TEAM: Anna Łabędzka-Klepacka, Daria Burlińska (SZARA/studio) We designed the interiors of the Piosk Stomatologia dental clinic. Cooperation with the investor began

Activus Retail Chain

Poznań, 2014-2017 DESIGN TEAM: Anna Łabędzka-Klepacka In the years 2014-2017, we implemented five Activus stores located in Poznań and the surrounding area. We created
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